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    How to Protect Your System

    How to Protect Your System???

    Nowadays with varying technology, everything is digital. Official Documents or Personal Data Everything is now being saved in digital format. In such a way, the threat is to be the hackers of these documents. Due to a small mistake, your data may leak or hack. So it is important to see that there are no viruses on your system. Now I am going to tell about the ways in which with the help of which you can check any link before downloading it, there is no virus in it.
    In Online you will find many options where you can check the virus by pasting the direct link. You can try several options like VirusTotal.com and virusdesk.kaspersky.com. Now I am going to tell you VirusTotal about how to help you scan your files.
    • Copy the direct link to the file you want to download.
    • To copy the Direct link, right click on any download link. Here you will see the Copy link address option, click on it.
    • After copying the link, open a new tab on the web browser.
    • Go to the browser and type VirusTotal.com. This is Google’s online tool for checking viruses.
    • You will see three options on the home page. It includes File, URL, Search options. If you want to scan a file, click on File option. If you want to check any link online, click on the Search option. We will click on the URL option here.
    • After clicking on the URL option, you will see a search bar, which will be called ‘Search or scan a URL’. Paste your link into this search bar and enter it.
    • When you have a virus, in one message you will tell all the viruses and viruses in the download link. But if there is no virus then a “No engines detected this URL” message will appear. This means there is no virus in your link, you can download it.

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