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    How to Find Your Lost Android Phone using Google Maps

    Find Lost Android Phone using Google Maps: In the present days mobile is part of our life, we save our most of the information on our mobile. But if suddenly if we lost it what happens? In such times we are very upset. So now need to worry about it, yes today I was going to share how to find your lost Android phone using Google Maps. So let us see the process.
    To start this process you should have another smartphone or computer as well as Internet connection. In addition, you should likewise know the login Gmail ID and Password in the lost phone. 

    Find Lost Android Phone Using Google Maps

    Now you have to go to www.google.com/maps in the browser of another phone or laptop. After this, we have to log in with the Gmail ID in another phone. After this, you have to click the three dot at the top that is visible in the top left corner. There you can see Your Timeline option, click on it. 

    After clicking Your Timeline option, you can see the option of the year, month, day and day on the top left corner. By selecting which you can know where your phone was on that day.

    As a matter of fact, this feature of Google Map demonstrates your area to history and on the off chance that you have overlooked keeping the mobile someplace, with its assistance, you can discover it yet it is hard to find the lost phone. To find your lost Android phone, the location should be on the lost mobile then only this feature will works.

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